Pilates and Nordic Walking with Doina Taylor in St. Cugat del Valles and Barcelona

About Doina Taylor

About me - Doina Taylor

Doina Taylor is British and has been living in Barcelona since September 2000. She originally qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1990 then later went on to take a Degree in Physiotherapy at the University of East London in 1999.

Since coming to Barcelona she has decided to concentrate on Pilates. She trained with Stott Pilates, an international school offering a very high standard of Pilates training, both initially and as on-going continual education.

Doina teaches in English, Spanish and Catalan.

"I love teaching Pilates and seeing my clients getting the best out of their bodies! I find it extremely rewarding to help people become stronger and more flexible.

The positive results of Pilates are quite astounding and it's fantastic when clients start to experience less pain and have less need for pharmaceutical pain-relief.

It's also amazing when people feel better even when they didn't feel bad before!" - Doina Taylor