Pilates y Nordic Walking en St. Cugat del Valles y Barcelona

Recientos Testimonios

"I have tried first hand all of Doina's talents and have to say that she has always surpassed my expectations. Great skills and a gorgeous personality to match."

Zoe Q., Barcelona - Abril 2017

Pilates with Stotts teacher Doina Taylor"I take pilates classes with Doina once a week, the classes are wonderful and I look forward to our weekly sessions. Her exercises are great for relieving tension in the back and neck and we focus on lots of stretching too. Doina pays extra attention to each individual in the class to make sure everyone gets the most out of the classes. Highly recommend her!"

Jodie S., Barcelona - Abril 2017

"I had a 60 minute Swedish massage with Doina and it was wonderful. I felt relaxed for the rest of the weekend. She managed to take a lot of tension out of my upper back and shoulder area with just the right amount of pressure applied. She is a lovely person and makes you feel completely relaxed and at ease. It is absolutely worth treating yourself to this fantastic experience."

Jacky D., Sant Cugat - Abril 2017

"Doina is extremely knowledgeable in her pilates classes. She has a great eye to detail to remind me which muscles I need to be activating. Because of her small class sizes she is really able to individualize each exercise to your specific needs in order to recover and heal properly. I just had my first massage with her as well and it won't be my last! I always leave Doina's sessions not only feeling physically better but also with lighter spirits! Her authentic spirit is catching and refreshing in this world. We need more healing spirits such as hers!"

Janine O., Barcelona - Abril 2017

"I have been a regular at Doina's Pilates classes over the last few years and my back (and body generally) would not forgive me for missing a class. I leave feeling flexible and invigorated and any niggling back pains tend to be kept in check and not progress. Last week I had a massage with Doina that was not only relaxing, but seemed to work and stretch my body in a way that a massage has never done before. It was gentle, yet firm and effective. I highly recommend Doina for being a great professional and a caring, warm person."

Shilpa B., Sant Cugat - Abril 2017

"I had the pleasure to receive a full body massage with Doina and was so very happy with my session. I have had many different types of massage and found this specific technique to be the perfect balance ofrelaxing and therapeutic. She uses a variety of long motions to stimulate circulation along with gentle stretching and perfect pressure to alleviate any trouble areas and allow your body to fall into deep relaxation. One of the best massages I have received!"

Jessica, Sant Cugat - Feb 2017

"I really enjoyed my massage on Friday and felt better all weekend. Doina really understands the body & was able to work on areas that I had problems with. Afterwards I felt great like I'd been straightened out. "

Carol, Sant Cugat - Enero 2017

People all ages and disabilities welcome"Last year I was introduced to walking with poles - using the Nordic walking technique taught by Doina Taylor here in Barcelona and Sant Cugat. Suffering with knee pain and unable to continue impact sport to keep myself fit, Doina told me about the benefits of Nordic Walking which, if done properly, tones muscles, burns more calories than ordinary walking and most importantly for me reduces the pressure on knees and joints. I tried it (it's easy to learn) and loved it! I feel fitter and leaner, and now take every opportunity to explore the countryside, the beach and the mountains reaping the benefits whilst achieving cardiovascular exercise. Thank you Doina."

Julie, Barcelona - Enero 2016

"Thanks so much Doina Taylor for a fabulous intro to Nordic walking today. Great workout, great laugh, lovely lunch and wine and lots of desire to repeat the experience as soon as possible!"

Zoe - Nov. 2015

"Thank you, thank you Doina Taylor for improving my mobility and giving me hope that I won't need to consult the men with knives...After only three pilates sessions and one muscle activation session, I am able to get out of bed in the morning without walking like Quasimodo, I don't need to wear a back support for half the day and even after walking 6km, I am not suffering back pain. I cannot believe how effective the muscle activation was - it was magic and I cannot recommend you, your pilates classes and the muscle activation treatment, highly enough. Thank you."

Fiona - Nov. 2015

"Thank you very much Doina. Since I do come regular to your Pilates classes my back problems have improved immensely. I now can do a lot more things and have a pain free life.""

Gabriella - Abril 2015

"I have been going to classes at Doina's studio for about two years. I have neck and back problems and have found many exercise regimes detrimental rather than helpful. After an initial consultation with Doina, who asked me lots of questions to understand what happened and how my pain affects me, I began group classes and over the time have seen a great overall improvement in my condition.
Doina's groups are small, so she can pay attention to everybody's differing needs. As she is very knowledgeable and often attends other courses to supplement her knowledge, Doina knows exactly how to modify the exercises for each person and always remembers what is comfortable for everybody. Her classes are enjoyable as well as being beneficial and varied, and I would be at a loss without them."

Carolina - Marzo 2015

"I was thrilled by the approach you took. First of all the diagnosis and then your determination to not only relieve discomfort but to help me re-educate my lazy muscles and make the right ones do the work. More strength and better posture sound great to me. And then there is the goal of safely walking part of the Camino!"

Patricia - Feb 2015